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Leanne Dyck has a growing social network of over 5,000 followers. Leanne's blog has recieved over 246,000 page views (since creation on October 10, 2010). Within the last five years, Leanne has been published in Island Writer, Kaleidoscope, Canadian Stories, Icelandic Connection, Island Gals magazines and in the My Gustsy Story Anthology. In 2014, Leanne's play, Lean on a Gulf Islander, was staged for a Mayne Island audience.

Leanne Dyck has been published in the following

Literary Journals: 

Island Writer:  the literary journal of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands

"Because She Believed In Me" (short story) (2009)

"Take Note" (short story) (2010)



Knit Together

"Meet A Canadian Designer" (essay) (2003)

"A Visit to a LYS:  Bullock Lake Farm Bed & Breakfast, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia" (essay) (2007)

Kaleidoscope:  exploring the experience of disability through literature and the fine arts

"If Not For Her" (short story) (2011)

Canadian Stories:  a literary folk magazine written by or about Canadians

"Christmas Angels on Salt Spring Island" (short story) (2012)

Icelandic Connection

"Something Good to Eat" (short story) (2013)

"Eve's Other Children" (short story) (2013)

Island Gal:  created by local woman

"If I Said It Out Loud" (short story) (2013)


Flavours of Vancouver:  Dishes from Around the World

"Vinaterta" (recipe and a short story) (2005)

Knitting Notes:  A Journal of Knitting Memories

"Knitting:  An Ancient Craft" (essay) (2006)

My Gutsy Story Anthology 

"Rising Above Exceptations" (essay) (2014)

Newspapers/Trade Magazines:

Manitoba Child Care Association

"For the Love of Books" (essay) (1992)

The Islands Independent

"Mayne woman knits her business" (article) (2008)

"Mayne animal benefit" (article) (2009)

E book

The Sweater Curse (thriller) (2010)

Bono Bookstore

*This book is no longer available. Leanne has the author rights to this manuscript.

Self publishing:

Novelty Yarn (audio book) (2006)

knitting-themed short story collection

Yarn Therapy:  an introduction to knitting (paperback) (2007)

a learn to knit/pattern book

Maynely A Mystery (paperback) (2009)

a cozy mystery set on Mayne Island

*None of these self-published publications are currently available. Leanne is now strictly a traditionally published author.



If I said it out loud

(orginally published in Island Gal magazine)


What am I going to do now? That question had been dogging me for months. The years after my mother's death had been one of transition. My husband and I had moved from the urban mainland to a rural island. On the island, I opened a craft supply store only to close it two years later. My experiences there had led me to a new career--knitwear design. But it hadn't been as easy to establish a career in knitting as I'd hoped.

All through my life, knitting and writng had been the two constants--my two passions. I'd tried knitting. Now I knew the days were numbered on that career. It was going nowhere.

I have to close the business, I told myself. And do... And do what?

I climbed out of the truck and followed my husband past the rows of vehicles, up the stairs and to the passenger deck. We claimed one of the last available benches.

Maybe if I write about it, the answer will come to me?

This strategy had worked in the past. I pulled a pen and my journal out of my purse. I wrote about the weather, the ferry and what we where going to do on the mainland.

Then I wrote:  maybe I could be a writer. I quickly added a series of buts--but I have dyslexia; but I don't know how; but I don't know any authors.

Me become a writer. I sounded so silly in my head. But maybe it wouldn't sound that silly if I said it out loud.

"I want to be a writer," I told my husband.

"What do you mean you want to be," he said. "I find your writing all over the house. You are a writer. You do write."

"No, I eman for a living. Be an author. But I have no idea how to do that. And me? An author? It's too... It's too si--"

The woman who was sitting on the bench in front of ours, turned around. "Pardon me," she said, "I don't mean to eavesdrop. But I heard you say you wanted to be a writer."

I blushed but nodded.

"I'm an author." She gave me her name and told me about her books. "And there's only one way to be an author."

I was hanging on her every word. I wanted so badly to know the secret. So I asked, "How?"

She fixed me with soft, friendly eyes. She smiled and said, "It's not as hard as you think, you know. To be an author, you need to write. So write."

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